AFFICHE Reggae def2014
On 12 and 13 July, come to attend the International Event of the Year Périgord.
If the Dordogne is famous for its historical sites, beautiful landscapes and golden ocher stones by their unique cities, the reggae festival de Bergerac will add the three primary colors are attributed to musical aesthetics, time to two days high in music involved.
This is an opportunity for locals to join in this summer festival artisans, offering a range of products to local food festival.
Reggae fans, grab you a good hat for the sun in the region does not forgive and time promises to be the most beautiful at this time of the year!
After a great success of the first edition, the goals of the second reggae featival of bergerac are to promote ecology and international mindset. Also the festival is a great opportunity for tourism and culture in bergerac area. protagonist of these values will also keep a conference about those matters that concerned our changing societies.
Tickets: Presale: 18 -  VAT on site 2 days pass 23  TTC
The 2-day pass is available in networks ticket costs  30€ .


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